The “play by play”-recording (“e-grep advanced” | “EGA”) enables the precise recording of gameplay actions per location and involved player(s).

In particular this allows the recording of

  • shots-on-goal

  • goals

  • faceoffs (+ winner of the faceoffs)

With this “recording system” conclusive “shot-charts” and detailed faceoff-analyses can be generated. Since e.g. „shots on goal“ are not simply numbers anymore, but need to be presented in an understandable manner through play scenes, also the goalies save percentages will be statistically correct.

Necessary connections:

  • 220V power connection, network connection

  • 1 – 2 Workplaces: clear view of the playing field (as close as possible to the red line)

  • 2 persons: 1. person Shots on Goal + Goals, 2.person Faceoffs